• Garage Shop Achieves Digital Transformation And a Boost In Sales By Leveraging Zoho CRM

The company

The Garage Shop is a boutique, family owned and operated automotive repair shop, specialising in the servicing and repair of any vehicle by manufacturer or model. 

The challenge

Whilst being operational for several years, an excellent reputation has been built based on a high quality of work. However, as the customer base has grown, administration challenges have resulted in a need to improve the quality of customer interaction, where the manual system of record keeping proved inefficient resulting in data loss and difficulty in accessing customer information. 

The manual appointment scheduling required a significant administrative input. Difficulties were particularly experienced when pre booking repeat appointments well in advance for future servicing or vehicle inspections.

The solution

The need for a centralised CRM (Customer Resource Management) was identified allowing instant access to updated information for both employees and customers. This to include an online booking and reminder format for internal and customer use. 


The customer can track the status of the work and is informed when the car is ready for collection. 

Reminders are sent prior to the appointment date as a confirmation. 

Each staff member, by using a mobile app is able to instantly update the data base, recording all aspects of the work carried out. 

Billing is automated based on the work carried out. Payment may also be made and receipted remotely. 

Quotations can be sent and reviewed remotely and immediately with the customer able to approve and accept or decline. 

Future bookings are auto scheduled. Supervisors are able to prepare current and future work schedules accurately. 

The data base can be instantly viewed using either customer name or vehicle registration. 

Administration requirements are significantly reduced freeing up employee time for revenue earning tasks. 

A proactively approach through direct customer communication updating them on products and services offered. 

Customer feedback requests allow a centralised customer centric analysis of the service, allowing a review of actions and future improvements to be made. 

Customer satisfaction levels significantly improved.


Sperto Consulting are pleased to report that through the implementation of a highly user friendly ZOHO CRM system and integrated CRM Workdrive, the Garage Shop report that their operations have been significantly streamlined, resulting in improved customer engagement and enhanced data management. 

The combination of centrally organised customer data, automated quoting, and billing along with proactive notifications have demonstrated business and revenue growth. 

Further the online appointments system has ensured appointments are not missed and that working schedules are appropriate, and employee satisfaction levels also boosted. 
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Dominican Republic

Type of business

Privately held

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  • Customization
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  • Assignment rules
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