• Government Agency Achieves Complete Digital Business Transformation With Zoho CRM

The company

A government department responsible for correct and effective employment regulation. The department is charged with the responsibility of maximising human capital, strengthening the economy, and ensuring the global competitiveness of this Caribbean Island.

The challenge

With a key focus on engaging and equipping employees with the development and tools allowing them to operate at their optimal potential, while simultaneously delivering the highest quality of a customer centric service and offering full collaboration within the business community.

A need to process a high volume of submissions annually in a timely, effective, and accurate manner requiring a high level of administrative support. If addressed manually, this administration activity is by its nature repetitive, time-consuming and mundane, offering non standardised responses.

The solution

The need for the implementation of a centralised and fully managed digitalised Work Permit Application system was recognised as a priority to streamline, standardise, and remove cumbersome paper-based procedures. 

After supplier discussion, a solution was identified that by using a bundle of cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications at its core, then a fully implemented management system fully addresses the challenges identified.


A single design digitalised form allows online completion of work permit application forms, with online guidance operational.

By the removal of manual administrative paper-based interaction, staff can act in an advisory, supportive capacity, able to focus on tasks that effectively manage the application process.

Efficiency is greatly enhanced by the minimising of errors. 

Processing times significantly reduced.

Applicant experience enhanced with a fully transparent step-by-step overview of status throughout the application process.

Staff can escalate applications to senior colleagues if necessary.

Online Approval/Rejection or request for further information.

Fast tracking of applications for identified key personnel.

All data, both current and historical is available for a detailed analysis.

All personal data collected is fully protected and secured, available only to fully approved personnel.


Sperto Consulting are pleased to report that through the implementation of a highly user friendly ZOHO CRM system and integrated CRM Work Drive, a centralised data base was implemented addressing all concerns and challenges identified. 

Levels of personal satisfaction are shown to be greatly enhanced with both applicants and internal staff enjoying an improved experience.
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