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CRM and Customer Relations
In this article we are looking to answer the most common question when considering CRM, that being ‘Does a CRM improve customer relationships’? The answer is of course yes, but only if utilised effectively.
5 Steps to Protect Your Business from Fraud
Business fraud occurs everywhere. It happens in small and large businesses. The perpetrator might be a Baby Boomer, Gen-X, or Millennial. It doesn't matter. Dishonest and/or desperate employees have no preferences or age restrictions.
Avoid These 6 Business Mistakes
Owners and managers of small businesses and SMEs work hard running their respective businesses, trying to satisfy customers, and motivating employees. Unfortunately with so much to do, many owners make missteps along the way.
5 Basic Principles to Improve Business Performance
A business owner must prepare for growth and eventual success by focusing on five basic “P” principles...plan, people, prioritize, processes, and pace. When these are mastered, you’ll see a business headed in the right direction.