The Mobile CRM

01.11.23 12:19 PM
There can be no doubt that today we live in the Mobile age. The idea of a business professional being chained to their desk to read or send emails or access information and data is surely buried in the past.  Today people work everywhere and at any time, be it on or off site, in meetings or travelling, relying heavily on a variety of mobile devices, not only for communication but also to access work platforms. 

In this newsletter we explore how with this level of requirement having a fully mobile CRM strategy can no longer be considered an option rather than a necessity. 
As far back as 2014 an IDC survey of senior executives identified CRM as the most desired mobile app. Simultaneously Forester Research identified that 53% of companies were either piloting, rolling out, or actively using a smart phone application, particularly for sales force automation. 

The market for mobile CRM apps is expected to grow by 13% by 2029 as identified by Future Market Insights. 

We ask is now the time for your company. 

Mobile CRM

As ever in these newsletter we begin with a full definition of Mobile CRM as a too designed for mobile devices, including Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones, enabling anyone on the go able to access and manage information in real time, by using a fully mobile CRM platform, allowing access to customer data using a CRM app or through a web based browser. 

So why does mobile CRM really matter? It is undisputable that traffic from mobile devices continues to grow, in many businesses mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop use. A recent survey by Statista identified that 52% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. As this mobile adoption continues to grow, and the demand for flexible applications grows amid the flexibility demanded by employees, then traditional office based working practices continue to decline consistently as desktop applications including CRM offer a mobile alternative. 
In summary Mobile CRM Offers: 
  • The ability to work anywhere and on the move, with constant access to real time data and information. 
  • Users are able to update data whilst on the go. 
  • Individuals have unrestricted access to customer and product information. 
  • A faster sales cycle and or response times. 
  • Instant updates on changes and important information. 
  • Real time reporting. 
  • Increased productivity. 
It is of interest to consider what todays’ research tells us of the sales effect of a mobile CRM platform. Innopi Technologies research shows that 65% of sales reps who have mobile CRM access accomplished their sales quotas, this compares to 22% of non-adopters, while a study by The Aberdeen Group showed that 24% using a mobile CRM platform achieve their annual sales targets. Further to these Nucleus Research indicated that sales productivity increased by an average of 14.6% with 3 out of 10 mobile CRM users increased productivity by 20%. 

In Conclusion

Today, users and customers alike expect information to be updated in real time. On average sales teams spend more than 50% of their working day selling remotely. In real terms this means that the sales force need access to real time information in any location. Software advice identified that 81% of CRM users access CRM through a mobile device, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. 

If any business is looking to increase sales productivity and results while maintaining a competitive edge, then a mobile CRM is certainly something to consider.